Sunday, October 12, 2008

Silent Retreat 2008

Dear One:

I attended Silent Retreat from October 10, 2008 to October 12, 2008. Jai Gidwani (my nephew) was kind enough to give ride to me, Urszula Kubrak (from Poland), Chie Fujishima (from Japan), and Jan Learner (US). Big thanks to Jai. We had nice satsangh on our drive to and from retreat.

It really was enriching experience with nature walks, Jyothi Meditation, chanting, devotional singing and speakers.

Retreat was held at St. Mary's Villa in Sloatsburg, New York.

During early morning nature walk, I was able to witness fall colors in different trees. Meditation by the pond was awesome. I even got a glimpse of my Baba's orange robe near the pond.

Speakers talked about God Realization, mind, body and personality complex, desires, detachment, right action, truth etc.,

At the end of retreat, Om sign appeared inside Baba's life-size picture at alter.

We also participated in group singing at adult care center.

Practicing silence was great. It restored great level of energy.

"Only in silence, voice of god can be heard"...Sathya Sai Baba.

May you enrich your life through prayers THANKING GOD for all his blessings.


Sunday, October 5, 2008


My notes from May 21, 2006 and Edited on January 19, 2009.


K-Know that we are Atma.

L-Love All God’s Creation.

S-Serve All Beings.

B-Be Blissful and reach Bahagavan.

Complete the Birth-Death-Birth cycle
Make the Journey from I-We-Thee
Experience Oneness with God's Creation!!!!

January 19, 2009

Experiencing Divinity in San Juan, Puerto Rico

My E mail written on July 5, 2006

Dear Divine Souls:

Prior to our trip, I searched Internet, sent E mail, but I found no Sai contact at San Juan. I started trip wondering what Sai will show me in San Juan.

We (my wife, Laj; our 3 sons, Shivraj, Natraj and Nealraj) stayed four nights at Westin Resort located near "Rain Forest" by Atlantic Ocean. Other 2 nights we stayed at Caribe Hilton by Atlantic Ocean.

Becoming one with nature-

Sai showed me his creations -- beautiful mountains, trees, blue waters of Atlantic Ocean. Mornings were great solitude for me (while family was enjoying sound sleep) watching sun rise, while sitting at cabana, watching beautiful waves, chanting "Sai Gayathri",Swami gave me the feeling of becoming one with nature.

"Universal Remote Control"-

Watched a movie at theater "Click", where "Universal Remote Control" was discussed. My thoughts raced to Sai, who is our "Universal Remote Control" (only, if we allow Sai to take charge our life).

Love All, Serve All at Hard Rock Cafe-

I surprised my son, Natraj, with his 20th Birth Day celebration at San Juan "Hard Rock cafe". Swami's teaching "Love All, Serve All" is displayed at Hard Rock Cafe.

Iglesia (Church)

I was able to listen to church service in Spanish. It was very inspiring to see worship of Jesus.

Sai Center in San Juan-

While exploring, we were driving, San Juan in our rented car, most exciting part was discovering Sai Gift Shop sign and Swami's photo in front of a shop. I stopped car, went inside store and said "Sai Ram" to the person at the counter. I inquired about the "Sai Center" sign. Mr. Mohan said Sai center is located upstairs, they meet Thursday and Monday. I requested to see the Sai center. Mr. Mohan. took me upstairs, showed me his beautiful center. I got vibhuti. It really made my trip. Once again Swami came to me out of nowhere.

Early Flight Arranged by Swami on July 4th

We were booked to return by 7.30 PM. It turned out, we reached airport counter by 2.30 P.M. (5 hours before our scheduled flight). I prayed to Swami to see whether we could catch an earlier flight to New York. Consider July 4th, odds were against getting 5 seats. Once again, Swami answered my prayers, all 5 of us got on an earlier flight. Also, it turned out, we could watch World Cup match at airport. Prayer works.

One of my favorite expression is "More You Pray, More You Play".

Million Thanks for Swami for allowing to see Swami in San Juan.

Raj Bhushan (7/5/06)

Goal of Life - Live in God Consciousness

This is are some thoughts from 2006

Goal of Life

“Sri Sathya Sai Baba teaches that Man is Born to live a spiritual life and demonstrate the principles of Truth, Righteousness, Peace, selfless Love and Non-Violence.” (Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation).

Sanathan Sarathi Devoted to the Moral and Spiritual Uplift of Humanity through Sathya, Dharma, Santhi, Prema and Ahimsa. Live a life that reflects Swami’s life. Talk less. Do what you can, if you can in all situations.

“If we have the steadfastness, the enthusiasm, and the determination to reach our goal, we shall surely succeed”. Baba

Everything Happens According to the Will of God.

This journey is from nowhere to now here to no where. Everything is pre-determined according to our past actions. This life is journey of approximately 3,000 Sundays (if we live 60 years).

God’s grace can change our destiny. Example of Valmiki, robber turned to great sage who composed Ramayana. Angulimala was transformed by Buddha.

The body is a house given to you on rent. The owner is God. Live there as long as He wills, thanking Him and paying Him the rent of Faith and Devotion.
- Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol. X. p.274.

Get in touch with your feelings

“Good and bad lie in your mind; they are not outside. Hence, correct your feelings in the first instance. Get rid of all animal qualities so that humanness can blossom in you. If you notice even a trace of hatred in yourself, drive it away at once” (Baba).

“Get in touch with your feelings”(Das). Ed Bhavam Tad Bhavati (as is the feeling, so is the result-Baba).

Good Thoughts Leads to Good Actions

How do Sankalpas (thoughts) originate in your heart? They occur as per the Will of God. (Baba).

“See God in All. That is your primary Duty”. “Divine Embodiments of Love”. Manava (i.e, not new). “Develop virtues and lead an ideal life” (Baba).

Constant Integrated Awareness

Always be aware that I am Athma. I am spark of the divine. Athma is an eternal witness of all our thoughts, feelings, in actions and actions. “Present is the result of our past actions. Present is also the seed for our future”.

Everybody has 1,440 minutes in a day. Try to shift focus few of those minutes on God, who has given this life.

Pray and connect to God.

More you pray, More you play.

Sarvada, Sarva Kaleshu, Hari Chintana. Pray from your heart. Remember God in your daily activity.

Baba says “Take one step towards me. I will take 100 steps towards you”. Start thinking of Baba. Surround yourself with positive energy. Be an observer of God’s glory in people and nature. Find good in all things. Realize that everyone is needed to fulfill god’s plan of action. Play your part as parent, spouse, sibling, worker etc., and then exit. Do your best in each of the role you play and leave the rest to God. Then, life will become a pleasant journey. Then you can enjoy this experience.

Chant the Divine Name Wholeheartedly

“God responds according to your feelings towards Him. If you have Purna Bhakti (total devotion) and love God with all your heart, He will confer on you Purna Ananda (total bliss)”.

While doing prayer, Bhajan, Japa (recitation) and Dhayan (meditation), we should not think of anything else; out entire attention should be fixed on God only.

Pray and Communicate with Divinity - “God, forgive my mistakes and sins. Come into my life and save me”.


Gopi’s (Gopa-Secret). Keep you devotion secret. Do not Exhibit. Taste Sugar (Taste Devotion). Obsession with name and form of God is essential. “Intelligence (Buddhi) is not needed. What is needed is “Purity” (Shuddhi). (7/17/06).

Remember, God is in everything. God wants nothing from us except our love. We can speak with Him as our very best friend, confidante, teacher and healer. God does not want us to suffer. He loves us, He tells us: “Be happy!”

A smile, a touch, a decision to forgive, willingness to share, and the choice to live as One - these are the short steps to the Golden Age.


This is an E mail I wrote in Summer 2006

Dear Divine Souls:

Few Sai experiences on my trip--

1. I had dry cleaned my shirt at Istanbul hotel. I put the clothes in morning and received them back same night. I had forgotten all about a Vibhuthi packet in my shirt packet. Next day in the afternoon, I had knock on the door, while me and Shivi were napping. Hotel person brought back my "Dry Cleaned' Vibhuti packet. It was amazing to see that Vibhuti packet was intact with all the Vibhuti.

2. At Athena airport, prior to boarding our filght from Athens to Cairo, I lost our boarding passes. As usual, I put SOS call to Swami. We looked everywhere. Then, we went to Olympic Airlines counter, before we said anything, Lady at counter smiled and said Mr. Bhushan you lost your boarding card and told us to go to security desk. There, only one boarding card was given to us. We went back and forth between, Security and Olympic airlines, I explained we have lost 2nd boarding card and we have gotten back only one. After few minutes, lady asked us to go to another counter of another airlines, where we got back out 2nd boarding card, where someone had turned in. We got on the plane OK.

3. During the trip in Istanbul, Rev. Dr. David Morgan, Pastor of Presbeterian Church in Denever and his wife, Australian Couple and Newzeland Couple were with us. Imagine, Pastor (god man) was were tour companion.

4. I got to pray in the Mosque where Hussain's (Prophet Mohamed's son-in-law) tomb is kept. That mosque is closed to visitors. Myself and Shiv walked into mosque and were resting. After few minutes, I saw people going to inner chambers. I also went in. Some elderly man smiled and welcomed me. Surrounding Husain's tomb, lot of people were praying with great devotion and were submitting prayer requests. I sat down and said Sai Gaythri prayers silently. When, we walked out of this Mosque, our tour guide was surprised what I had been through, because only religious Muslims are allowed by Husain's tomb. It is like being to Mecca-Medina.

5. I also got pray at the famous Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Haga Sophia (Church built Emperor Constantine and then turned into Mosque by Ottoman empire).

6. I got to pray to Sai at various Greek temples - God Olumpus, Zeus, Apollo etc.,

7. I got pray to Sai at Mohammad Ali Mosque in Istanbul, at Hanging Church, Captor Church (built on cave where Mother Mary and Baby Jesus were in hiding during Roman time) and at a famous Synagogue in Istanbul (where Baby Moses was found from River Nile). Also, I got pray near pyramids of Sakhar and Giza.

Overall, it was truly spiritually uplifting experience to feel SARVA DHARMA aspect of Sai.

All the best,
Summer 2006

Soul-Energy-Atma. Journey from I to We to Thee

This is an E mail I wrote on July 4, 2005

Dear Sai Athma Ramesh:

By Baba's grace, we were fortunate have "Satsang" and share spiritual experiences, last evening. Many thanks for telling me about "KrishnaDas".

The following ideas come to me after we spoke.

1. We accept that we are "Athmas", I am prompted to refer it as "SAI ATHMA".

2. From Birth in this life, beginning with infant/toddler stage, we begin to dwell on "I" and "Mine" (body identification).

3. Teenage/Youth/marriage/adult stage, we move from "I" towards"We"/""US" stage, where we include our family/friends/cast/community/religious and professional affiliations etc. (i.e., we say "Our Family", "Our Community" etc., ).

4. Now comes harder part, where we have to move from "I" to "We" towards "Thee"(i.e., "DIVYA ATHMA SWAROOPA LALA" (Divine Embodiments of Love) - Reference to each one of us by our beloved "SWAMI" ) -(i.e. "Atma" stage-where we have to loose our body identification and begin to accept that we are not this Body, but "ATMA" and then to move to most difficult stage of seeing "SAI ATHMA" in every creation of Sai.

5. "Asa Thoma Sadgamaya prayer" (from untruth to truth, from darkenss to light and from death to immortality) helps us to understand this concept that "I am not this body, but atma" .

Thanks for Allowing for me to share these thoughts with you.

Thanking Sai for providing me with this insight,
SaiRajSai (7/4/05)

Attitude is Everything

This is an E mail I had written on September 3, 2006

Sai Ram:

This is so true, "Attitude is Everything".

Finding positive in every situation is the key to our happiness.

Swami says "happiness journey begins with self-satisfaction (direct result our attitude, which determines our action, reaction or inaction in any given situation).

Swami says "As is your feelings, so is your experience".

My late Psychiatrist brother Dr. Das used to say "Get in touch with your feelings."

Attitude determines our feelings about everything -- ourselves, our family, our relatives, our friends, our neighbors, co- workers, boss, and people unknown to us.

Swami says "everything is reflection, resound and reaction." Swami says "feelings we have is a mirror reflection of what is inside of us." If we feel angry, we respond angrily. If we feel good, we respond in a positive way.

If we can only accept the fact that, "God made each one of us perfect, as we are (result of our past action and inaction." Therefore, we must accept positive and negative feelings from everyone as a reaction from God to reshape our destiny. Swami says "say everything is good for me."

Constant prayer will help to keep right attitude in every situation.

Developing intense Love for Sai by always thanking Sai (Attitude of Gratitude) and counting our blessings will enhance Love in us (for ourselves and other God's creations) to practice Swami's teaching of "Love All, Serve - Help Ever and Hurt Never".

Praise God One and All - Any Time, Every Time and All the Time. (September 3, 2006).

Friday, October 3, 2008

My View of God

Dear One:

I was born in India. I lived in a small town of about 10,000 people. My family worshiped Hindu gods - Shiva, Rama, Krishna, Ganesh etc.,. I was very uncomfortable with rituals and Hindu priests directing our devotion. I just could not accept the fact that only priests are allowed into sacred area of temples.

I hated class system. I was different. I accepted everyone - Hindus, Muslims and Christians in our town.

By God's grace, when I was 20 years old my brother, Dr. Das, brought me to USA. As I began college life in USA, I was exposed to international students and to Christian and Muslim faiths. I readily accepted Christian and Muslim view of God.

In my work as Asylum attorney, I have been exposed to many more faiths, Baptists, Catholics, Later Day Saints, Shia's, Sunni's etc.,

With all theses experiences and exposures, I have come to love God in all forms. I have realized that God is really ONE. This realization of oneness is all due to grace of my Guru Saibaba.

Experience God, who has revealed in numerous forms - Shiva, Allah, Jesus, etc., God is only LOVE. Give Love and Receive Love. Thus, welcome all religions and all gods.

May You Experience GOD's LOVE in all moments of your Life,

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We can never pay back God's Grace

Dear One:
God is so great for giving us the opportunity to enjoy his creation. This a free gift. Absolutely no cost. No bill to expect. Thus, we can never pay back God's Grace. Let us use this opportunity to help God to accomplish his goal of giving joy to his creation.