Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year’s Resolution for 2010

New Year’s Resolution for 2010

GOAL - Be Happy and Make Others Happy by practice of intense Love of God.

HOW? –
A. By Spending More time with Sai (God Madness is better).
B. Practice Swami’s Teachings (Love All, Serve All. Help Ever and Hurt Never).

A. Spend More time with Sai (Implement 9 point Devotion to SAI – listening, chanting, salutation, worship, service, friendship and surrender - in my life).

1. Think of Swami anytime, anywhere and everywhere (Do not Waste Time).
2. Think of Swami at least 1 time during the hour.
3. Write Sai Ram at least 12 times in a day.
4. Listen to Radio Sai at least 1 hour/day.
5. Attend Sai Center Meeting at least 1 time/week.
6. Attend Sai Retreat/Silent Retreat/Spiritual events.
7. Attend any type of Satsangh – Temple, Gurdwara, Church, Mosque.
8. Listen to Sai Experiences.
9. Send positive/uplifting message via email.
10. Pray Often and Practice more Silence.
11. Contemplate on Sai’ Unconditional Love – Feel Love and Share Love.
12. Give All Glory to God.

B. Practice Swami’s Teachings (Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi, Prema and Ahimsa)

1. Fulfill my Personal and Professional Obligations with more Love.
2. Avoid Gossip at all times and Stop commenting on people.
3. Radiate Swami’s Love – Smile often, Look in the Eye, Listen more and talk less, and give Hugs (if appropriate).
4. Pray for others (Samastha Loka Sukunio Bhavantu).
5. Avoid complaining and Maintain Attitude of Gratitude (say Thanks more often)
6. Eat Less (Do not Waste Food).
7. Speak Softly and Sweetly.
8. Work on Sense Control and Practice Thought Management.