Saturday, April 16, 2016

Essence of Spirituality to Experience Peace, Love and Joy by BrotherOneness – April 16, 2016
In Internet age, we do not have time to read volumes of Books and/or to practice Religious Rituals.
By Divine Grace of Universal Creator (worshiped by many names – Allah, Buddha, Jesus, Rama, Krishna, Shiva, and Zhorastra etc.) and Prompting, an attempt is made to summarize Essence of Spirituality.

1. Purpose of this Life - "To Give & Receive GOD’s Unconditional Love". “Everyone is Divine. Help One Another to Discover Divinity within".

2. Spiritual Goal - Be GOD Dependent - "Only Ask GOD". "Only Be Dependent on GOD". 
Oh GOD, Make me your instrument. "Use Me" as you wish.
"Help Me Change Direction of Desire from Worldly to Godly".
"Let Light in Each One, Shine Brighter & Brighter".
GOD "Let your Name & Form be Ever Present in My Mind’s Eye".
GOD, increase my Divine Love.
GOD allow our MINDS to expand to be ALL INCLUSIVE and to WELCOME ONE AND ALL. Bless EVERYONE.
GOD Bless EACH and EVERY ONE to be KIND and LOVING towards EACH OTHER.

3. Spiritual Aspirations - "Live up to GOD’s Expectation (Be Embodiment of HIS LOVE).
Re-group, Jump Start & Charge ahead to Promote Divine Principles – Peace, Love and Compassion".

"Always Be Thankful to GOD. Count All the Blessings. Give All Glory to GOD".
Our "Soul" Connection to GOD is Everlasting. Our "Bodily" connection to GOD is limited to this Life.
"Be intimate with God. Spend more time with God in Prayers".
"Be Compassionate to Each Other".
"Be Happy. Make Other's Happy"
GOD Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. I desire Nothing, but You. 

4. Spiritual Affirmation - "Yes, I Can, I will, I must, I Should BE HAPPY". “I am Embodiment of Truth. I am Embodiment of Love. I am Embodiment of Peace”

5. Ideas for Spiritual Progress –
"Avoid Self-analysis, Self-criticism, Self-Pity, Self-Destruction, and Self-Discrimination".
"Avoid seeking Reward, Recognition & Validation from World".
"Think Less. Talk Less. Pray More. Love More".
"Don't Ask. Don't Tell".
"Solitude, Smile & Surrender (SSS)".
"Diffuse Tension. Resolve Conflict. Be Voice of Consensus. Help to see Good in all situation".
"Expand, Include & Embrace One & All".
"Detach from World. Attach to GOD of your Choice". "Purify Heart. Eliminate Attachment & Hatred. Intensify Devotion"
"Be @ Peace". Let us Donate our Peace to All and Send Positive Vibrations-
Check Your "Spiritual Bank Balance" with God's Bank. God is a Perfect Accountant. God keeps track of Everything. Good Thoughts, Words and Deeds are Deposits. Bad Thoughts, Words and Deeds are Withdrawals.
May we Improve our "Spiritual Bank Balance" to receive God's Grace.
"Constant Integrated Awareness" of who we are (i.e. Atma Not Body) will set us Free. 
Let US Stay Connected to GOD of Your Choice through PRAYERS.


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