Thursday, December 31, 2009

Om Sai Ram - New Year Message From Sathy Sai Baba

Dear One
Be Blessed
Om Sai Ram

From the new year, you have to understand the true meaning of humanness and transform your life. You will then be true servants of the nation. Play your part in every field of public life, keeping your heart pure and unsullied.
Students! Remember that you are in a "golden age" in your lives. Do not waste it. Do your duty. Love and revere your parents. Serve society. Adhere to the good qualities associated with right education. Be happy and make others happy (This is my New Year's Resolution).
From this new year onward, when students cultivate humility, reverence for elders, and love toward all, I shall feel very happy.
This is New Year Day, according to the Gregorian calendar. We have other New Year days according to the practice in different parts of the country. There is no need to bother about the year as such. Devote every moment to actions that will please God. Develop love for God, which will confer every blessing on you. This is exemplified by the life of Harischandra. He sacrificed everything in the cause of truth, and ultimately he got back everything by the grace of God.
On this New Year Day, I wish you all every happiness and prosperity. The ancients used to bless those who came to them with long lives of 100 years and good health. They wished the people long life so that they may lead worthy lives. Lead a long life, happy life, peaceful life, loving life, and divine life. Redeem your lives by practicing Divine Love.

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