Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Goal of Life is to Expereince and Share God's Love

Dear One:

Painful or Difficult Situation is a Fact of Life:

Our Life is a product of our actions, reactions and inactions. "As we sow, so we reap". "With every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction", Swami says, "present is the result of our past" (not only this life, but many, many lives we have lived). So, do not focus on painful or difficult situation, but pray to God for strength and courage to cope with painful or difficult situation.

Death is a Fact of Life:

Death is a fact of life. At death, we cannot take anything with us. People, Property, Position all ends at death. At death, Life force (referred to as Light, Atma, Energy etc., ) leaves the body and goes to join another life. After death, Body is either cremated or buried. We never receive a call from the departed as to where they went and how they are doing. So, what is the Goal of Life?

Goal of Human Life:

Goal of human life is not Eating, Drinking, Sleeping, and Dying. Animals also lead same life. As Humans, God has given mind and thinking power, which make us unique from all of his creations. God says that Humans are his crow jewel in his creation.

As we began asking the question, who am I? Why am I put in this universe? All spiritual seekers have found the answer that we are not this body but Soul (i.e. Atma, Light, energy)that leaves the body at death.

At birth, we do not know where we came from and why we are born in a particular family with unique, geographical, social and economic situation.

As we progress from childhood, adult life and and old age, we become gradually attached to our family and surroundings. "Me and Mine" overpowers our existence. "Me and Mine" feelings lead to pain and pleasure.

Search for permanent Happiness continues. Then, we come to realization as to what Swami has said that "Happiness is Union with God". This is because, our Soul is yearning to merge with Super Soul (i.e., merging of Atma with Paramata).

Life Force is a Gift of God:

Life force makes us function this body identified by a name given to us by our parents - unseen force make us think, act, move around, communicate, digest food, keep heart beating etc., Life Force is a gift from God ( referred as Super Power, Major force behind Life force, Big man upstairs etc.,) given to us to experience ONENESS since Life Force is present in all God's creation.

Goal of Life is to Experience and Share God's Love:

Since God has given us Life Force, we are part of GOD. That is why Swami tells us "Divine Embodiment of Love", "You are God, I am God, you do not know it, I know that I am God".

So, Goal of Life, is to offer immense Thanks to GOD. This is done by constantly remembering God - Listening, Singing, Chanting and Serving. Goal of Life is to Experience God's Love and Share His LoveGod is our true friend.

Power, Position, Property, Fame, Fortune, and Family all Fade's away over time. So, Constantly remember GOD. Thank God Profusely.

Think of God, anywhere, everywhere, and all the time.

With intense Love of God, we experience his LOVE (i.e., his Gift of Life Force to us and ability to experience LOVE). Then, "Contentment" feeling takes over and "Me and Mine" feelings subside.

As we experience GOD's LOVE, we have to share it with all who come in our path (i.e., Family, Friends, Neighbors, Co-workers, and Strangers).

We share God's Love by listening, giving, forgiving, accepting, and sharing.

May You Experience God's Love and Share His Love.


January 19, 2009

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